Moscow Dive Show 2021 — the main exhibition for the water man

 Any supplies for water-related activities. 

Moscow Dive Show 2021 is the largest exhibition of equipment, tourism and training for people interested in active lifestyle and water-based sports in Russia and Eastern Europe. The main part of the exhibition consists of four main underwater activities – diving, spearfishing, freediving and underwater photography. The water activities, such as yachting, diving regattas, kite surfing, surfing, SUP and water tourism shall be presented in the WATER SPORT SALON. Equipment and training programs for children and teenagers shall be exhibited as well.

Moscow Dive Show 2021 shall be held February 4th to February 7th, 2021 in Sokolniki Exhibition Center in Moscow, halls 4, 4.1 and 4.2.

Perfect time

— February is when the peak exhibition season starts. The underwater and yacht industry is getting ready to start spring trips to the rivers, seas and oceans. The most convenient time to meet business partners and clients.

— The key European exhibition for both underwater and yacht industries Boot Dusseldorf 2021 shall be closed on January 31th. There are 3 days to have a break and prepare for the Moscow Dive Show.

— There are more and more participants and guests from China at the Moscow Dive Show year after year. In 2021, the New Year in China will be celebrated on January 12. On this occasion, we send our best regards to our friends from the People's Republic of China and look forward to see them rested and full of energy at the Moscow Dive Show 2021 from February 4th to 7th.

Perfect place

Sokolniki Congress and Exhibition Center is a modern complex located on the territory of the old-time Moscow park, which has not lost its charm and citizens' love. Moscow Dive Show occupies three best halls 4, 4.1 and 4.2, the exposition area is more than 10 thousand sq. m. City center is a 15-minute drive by car or subway. Large business hotel Holliday Inn Sokolniki is within walking distance

Mission of the exhibition

— An effective platform for communication of wholesale and retail business, the major showroom of the season.

— A relevant offline platform in the online age. Become an exhibitor: rent a convenient stand and open your office or store for visitors only for 4 exhibition days. Get quick on-site sales and interested customers and counterparties for the entire season.

— Maximum B2B. In 2020, more than 35% of exhibition visitors represented the Russian regions and neighboring countries. These are not onlookers and idlers, but clients aimed to purchase goods or services. More than 10% of respondents noted that the purpose of their visit was business interest.

— Large marketplace and retail trade. Visitors are used to spend money at the Moscow Dive Show - the widest selection and special discounts motivate for the main shopping of the season.

— Cultural and business program. Do not miss the opportunity to present your business on a big stage in two conference halls every day from morning to evening.

— The main water activities exhibition in Russia, ex-USSR countries and Eastern Europe. Grow your business through Moscow Dive Show in several countries at once: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

How it was in 2020

Figures and Facts






Business opportunities

Business opportunities - Moscow Dive Show
  • The history of "underwater" exhibitions in Russia began in far 2003. Over the years the industry has become used to coordinating plans for the season right here - new dealer contracts, tourism booking, etc. In 2018, the exhibition format expanded due to on-the-water activities such as yachting, kiting and surfing. The main slogan has also been changed - now the Moscow Dive Show is the Main Exhibition of the Water Man. The exhibition has become a platform for communication not only for business in Russia, but also in all the ex-USSR countries - Belarus, Kazakhstan, the Baltic states, Azerbaijan, which do not hold such specialized exhibitions and place orders at the Moscow Dive Show.
  • A special place at the Moscow Dive Show is taken by presentations, seminars and master classes prepared by specialists from companies in the equipment manufacturing, training and tourism industry. It is profitable and convenient for everyone. Conference rooms are available for reservation, and technical specialists of the exhibition will help to organize events in the best way possible.
  • Dealer network expansion by "underwater" retail. In a difficult economic situation, most underwater equipment stores try to expand and diversify the range of goods by related products, such as camping equipment, water accessories, waterproof gadgets, etc. Presenting your products and services, finding new dealers and trading at the same time to offset the costs of participation in the exhibition is absolutely possible at the Moscow Dive Show.
  • Conversion of profile client groups. The combination of underwater and on-the-water activities at one site provides excellent background for getting clients from the adjacent water-related fields. Divers become yachtsmen, freedivers try kite, yachtsmen learn scuba diving. The increase in the range of directions for active recreation of a modern person presented at the exhibition leads to an increase in visitor traffic and the general relevance of the platform, especially for non-resident and foreign visitors.


"An unbelievable exhibition. Compared to it, those ones in which we participated before, were out of their depths. I'm surprised that so many people came in Sokolniki through ice and winter. Lines for three days in a row - that's the main indicator."
Mihail Saveliev, skipper at the Russian Yacht Center (Pirate Sailing Festival, Volvo Russian Sailing Week)
"We thank the organizers of the Moscow Dive Show for this diving celebration, for the competent organization and active promotion of the exhibition. Many foreign exhibitors and regional colleagues arrived this year. This means that the exhibition perfectly fulfills its purpose as a central meeting point for communication between professionals and amateurs of the Russian diving industry. We confirm our participation in 2020 and start to get ready."
Dmitry Orlov, RuDIVE group
"The Crocodile dive club is accustomed to annually using the exhibition platform to promote new destinations and tour partners. The main task is to declare new and bright trends, get a response and land new reliable clients to work with over the year from the office. And, of course, to convene an old guard of club members for unhurried conversations at a glass of wine. We have already started preparing for the exhibition of 2020, and we will only reveal a few unusual points on the Crocodile diving travel map, which we plan to present at our large stand: Santa Antau Island (Cape Verde Islands) and Cagayan Island (Philippines) are the future Mecca for divers. Follow the news and see you at the Moscow Dive Show 2020!"
Sergey Artyomenko, Crocodile club

Retail sales

Retail sales at the Moscow Dive Show

The Moscow exhibition provides an excellent opportunity for active retail sales and promotion of retail chains and online shops. Considering that the "underwater" exhibitions have been held in Moscow since 2003, historically there is a large pent-up demand just before the February exhibition, i. e. people start planning a big shopping at Moscow Dive Show in a few months. The widest range of goods and holiday discounts induce demand even under the conditions of a general decline in consumption in the country. More than half of the visitors do not leave the exhibition without purchases.

A standard shopping cart at the Moscow Dive Show looks like this:
  • Underwater equipment. Novelties.
  • Underwater equipment. Older collections sale.
  • Unique products unavailable in wide retail chains. Rare brands.
  • Gadgets. Useful underwater accessories. Goods for outdoor activities.
  • Tours and dive safari.
  • Yacht and regatta training.
Not only salesmen showed good results in 2020. Stands representing tourism noted high activity in booking and deposit. Returning from the exhibition not only with a pack of business cards, but also with real money may be the objective of every participant of the Moscow Dive Show. There was no active price dumping at the exhibition, but various forms of encouraging customers to make decisions directly throughout the exhibition came to direct results. Prepare a tempting offer, and customers will vote with their wallets! Following the results of the 2020 exhibition, small trading stands received revenues in the range of 300-700 thousand rubles, large trading "islands" achieved indicators of 1.5-3 million rubles.


In addition to underwater activities (diving, underwater hunting and underwater photography, freediving), the visitors attention is focused on the on-the-water branch, i. e. yachting, kiting, surfing, kayaking and boating. WATER SPORT SALON is an "exhibition in an exhibition", with a separate area in the hall, a special advertising campaign and an independent website containing all the latest news of yachtsmen, surfers and kiters participating in the exhibition.

The organizers of the Moscow Dive Show created a separate area for pleasant communication of visitors and participants of the Water Sport Salon in order to emphasize on-the-water activities. A real sports yacht with a powerful projector on the sail appeared in the center of the sector, showing fantastic shots made by exponents of all water sports branches. Yachtsmen spoke about the wonders of regattas and how to become a true captain, surfers - about fashion boards, eminent travelers - about unusual sailing expeditions. Beautiful films and professional answers to questions were holding the audience attention as it was settled in soft ottomans.

Prices and booths

Prices and booths at the Moscow Dive Show

1 sq. m. shell space — €189.
The price includes everything you need for work - walls, frieze inscription, a table and chairs, a hanger, a podium, a socket (6 sq. m. and more). Other equipment may be your own or rent.
1 sq. m. raw space — €159.
This option is perfect for companies planning to use their own exhibition constructions. There are also separate "islands" and "peninsulas" for those who need a large stand area with maximum visibility.
Collective stands. 2020 novelty! If you are aimed to point out your presence at the exhibition giving customers a clear guideline on the hall plan and stay within a budget at the same time, to rent a workplace at a collective stand would be the option. In 2020, job is available at national collective stands of: Indonesia, Maldives, Malta, Norway, Azor, Tenerife, Thailand, Croatia and Greece. And also at the "Dive in Moscow!" collective stand, where the exponents of diving, free diving and underwater hunting schools and clubs will gather.

Building concept

  • Central zones with "islands" for individual building and large stands. "Islands" are available from 36 sq. m. to 200 sq. m. — a separate stand from 6x6 m to 10x20 m.
  • 2 or 3 m deep lines. Easy standard stand design from 4 to 24 sq. m.

Promotional campaign

All modern public advertizing systems were used to promote the Moscow Dive Show to people at large.

  • Social media. We make the main effort to the target and related groups on social media. The combination of active SMM and a variety of advertising banners (rotation of more than 30 images!) allowed attracting both loyal visitors who constantly attend "underwater" exhibitions and beginners (at least 20% at the MDS2020) who are especially welcome by the exhibitors.

    Реклама Moscow Dive Show в соцсетях Реклама Moscow Dive Show в соцсетях Реклама Moscow Dive Show в соцсетях Реклама Moscow Dive Show в соцсетях Реклама Moscow Dive Show в соцсетях Реклама Moscow Dive Show в соцсетях
  • Direct advertising on the Internet. Low-frequency combative advertising in (more than 300 search phrases) allowed to drive at least 40.000 visitors to within two months before the opening of the exhibition. Many of them eventually visited the exhibition.
  • PR on the "underwater" Internet. The overwhelming majority of "underwater" websites and communities were actively promoting the exhibition, both during the preparatory period and after it ended. Articles, news, announcements of the participants were actively circulating through news pages and forums.

  • Mass mailing. The organization of personalized e-mail invitations both to system instructors and to all certified for each system is reconciled with all basic training systems - PADI, NDL, SSI, CMAS / KPDR, TDI / SDI, NAUI.

    Массовые рассылки о Moscow Dive Show
  • Ambassadors of the exhibition are heroes of the depth. The two deepest people on the planet, world record breakers, Russian freediver Alexey Molchanov and Egyptian technical diver Ahmed Gabr have become brand ambassadors of the Moscow Dive Show 2020. Alexey Molchanov won a depth of 130 meters on a breath-hold, with mask and flippers only. Ahmed Gabr reached 332 meters with scuba gear.

    Алексей Молчанов - бренд-амбассадор oscow Dive Show Алексей Молчанов - бренд-амбассадор oscow Dive Show Алексей Молчанов - бренд-амбассадор oscow Dive Show

  • Exterior advertising before the Moscow Dive Show 2020 was placed in Sokolniki. This helped to attract the attention of drivers and pedestrians near the exhibition.

    Наружная реклама Moscow Dive Show в Москве
  • Radio. TV advertising is extremely expensive and available only to global megabrands, whereas a good radio station can be as numerous and much better. In 2020, the RockFM radio station was chosen to rotate commercials and news broadcasts. We interviewed hundreds of divers and yachtsmen in advance, and classical rock music was preferable for most of them. Which is not surprising since both yachtsmen and divers are mostly 40+ adults. They grew up onrock'n'roll rather than rap.

    Реклама Moscow Dive Show на Радио 100,1 FM

Conference hall

Two modern conference halls with seating 100 people each allow to hold a presentation, press conference or master class in a comfortable business setting. Rental cost – RUB 9000/hour. Included: Wi-Fi, tables, chairs, speakers with a wired microphone. Projectors, screens and other additional equipment can be your own or rent.

Cultural programme

The substantial part of the Moscow Dive Show is the program of shows and performances on the main stage. The large screen and loud sound turn this zone into a concentration of the main visitors. The best films, performances of big names in the underwater and on-the-water activities, presentations of countries and regions, conferences in various fields (held by photographers, caving and technical divers, freedivers) and summing up creative contests and festivals. All that pleases eyes and ears of the Moscow Dive Show guests from morning to evening. Next to the stage there is a food-court zone with delicious drinks and nutritious snacks.

Tickets to the exhibition are valid for all 4 days of its work, which encourages to visit the event again and to choose the most relevant events on the stage and in conference halls. This is also important for retail stands at the Moscow Dive Show, since visitors can make a purchase decision during their second or third visit.

Hotels and visa

Holiday Inn Sokolniki

The official hotel for the participants of the exhibition.

Special prices for accommodation for the participants of our exhibition:
  • When booking a stay from Monday to Friday:
    Single room 1 adult, BB (taxes included) = 6000 RUB/night per room
    Double room 2 adults, BB (taxes included) = 6900 RUB/night per room
  • When booking a stay from Friday to Monday:
    Single room 1 adult, BB (taxes included) = 4200 RUB/night per room
    Double room 2 adults, BB (taxes included) = 4800 RUB/night per room
When booking a room at the HolidayInnSokolniki, foreign guests are provided with visa support (an official invitation to apply for a Russian visa).

Now you have learned everything about the Moscow Dive Show 2021, which will be held on February 6th to 9th in Moscow, Russia in the Sokolniki Exhibition Center at the halls 4, 4.1 and 4.2.