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05 Sen 2019

February 6-9, 2020 Sokolniki Exhibition Centre will host the country's main water exhibition MOSCOW DIVE SHOW for the fifth time. In addition to underwater Hobbies (diving, spearfishing and freediving) special attention we would pay to yachting, kiting, surfing, kayaking and everything that requires water and wind. WATER SPORT SALON section is dedicated to that activities.

Do not fight a losing battle, try new things, expand your horizons MOSCOW DIVE SHOW gives a chance to adherents of all water and underwater confessions to cast a glance at rich palette of activities that could be united with word "WATER", look at something new and unexplored. Let divers become skippers, kayakers try themselves in freediving, and kiters chase not only wind, but fish too!

The organizers of the exhibition tried to highlight theme of surface Hobbies. That's the goal of "Stage under sail" special space for pleasant communications for visitors and participants of WATER SPORT SALON. "Stage under sail" is real yacht with sail, designed to be a screen. A powerful projector mounted under the roof of the pavilion pleases the audience non-stop with alluring shots made by representatives of all water confessions. Yachtsmen talk about the wonders of regattas and show the way to become a real captain. Surfers show fashionable boards. Kiters share their experience of using their powerful traps for wind. Beautiful movies, tips and tricks from real professional will never let the audience, nestled on glade in soft ottomans, get bored. Please check the "Scenes under sail" special programme in the General Poster of events of MOSCOW DIVE SHOW (updates for schedule will appear in December'2019).

The participants of WATER SPORT SALON at the MOSCOW DIVE SHOW will present to visitors the following:

Training in yachting, surfing and kiting in Russia and abroad;
Sea yacht trips around the world;
Yacht and catamaran charter with crew or without;
Regattas for yachtsmen with different skill levels and for the beginners;
Surfs, kites, SUP selling;
Small fleet. Kayaks, inflatable boats, rafts and catamarans selling.