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Who is pirate, who is not pirate, and what is the point of yachting lifestyle.

04 Sen 2019

Every business moves with the speed at which its engines move it. Or smart passionaries-activists and fidgets. In the yachting world, one of these tireless generators of ideas is undoubtedly Mikhail Savelyev, the head of the Russian Yachting Center. It was his handiwork and Volvo Sailing Week and pirate regattas in the Caribbean and yachting school in Marmaris and a dozen other projects. Permanent and active participant of Water Sport Salon at Moscow Dive Show.

- Mikhail, and here is immediately with seats in career. Now people want more sport and whistling wind on the race or ralaska, music and rum? What are the trends now? More pirates or racers?

- It all depends on the age and the degree of fatigue of people. The younger and more active want more speed and more racing. Tightly working all year and older want relaxation and so on. And more often they want both. Even when resting, people set sail and drive. Even chasing, people drink in the evening. This depends solely on the internal state at the moment. Universally, around the world Russian all the time to meet them in my opinion is becoming more and more. Although the overall rate of arrival of the people in sail slightly decreased.

"Who's the main client now?" Middle-class merchants, bureaucracy, cheerful retired business veterans?

- There are young people 25 years old, they pin and they are very happy to drive. And there are people who are over 60. This season I had a seventy-year-old uncle from Belarus, who studied and passed on the right. Everything depends solely on the state of mind, purse and free time. The yacht is available to everyone.

"How much is a yachting ticket?" For example, at the American diving exhibition DEMA SHOW conducted a survey and calculated that in the United States, the entrance to diving is 75,000 dollars of annual income. And as we do with yachting? How much do you need to have in your pocket to become a sail activist?

- A ticket to yachting, as well as diving, can cost very different. The lower limit is 1000 euros per week, which is quite enough. Those people who can afford to spend 1000 euros a week can already think about yachting. 1000 euros, and this yacht and flights and food. Well, then everyone can spend as much as they can.

- The theme with the quest is already over, and you on the contrary will continue to enthral adults uncles and aunts all sorts of contests and activities for your Caribbean Pirate Festival? Is there still potential in this?

 I don't know did the subject with quests or not passed. I do quests not because I want to play quests, but because I want to saturate the history of the places we visited. I want people to imagine how exactly the pirate Edward teach Blackbeard comes out of this Cape. That's why I do it. It's quests are not about a search for something that is written on the advertising banner store some. Here the quest is built on navigation and history. And I think it's interesting. By the way, not everyone plays. Who likes history, likes to learn something new, those play, and those who whom not likes, whom would still, those not play, they simply lobsters crack and rum wash down. I now want to do the same in Turkey. There's a bunch of places with interesting history. This is another reason to come to us. We do not just ride people on yachts, but we also fill the meaning of this riding among other things. I'm actually getting bored on a yacht just like that. I want something more.

- Who is more interesting to work with-with the old guard or with romantic newcomers? And what proportion of clients do you have?

 25% of newcomers and 75% of those who were. Although again, it all depends on the situation. If we make regatta history, many of our participants who were before come. They don't really come every time, they change all the time and about a quarter of the newcomers. With beginners, of course, it is more interesting to work - they discover a new world, the world of sail, the world of yachts, the world of romance. In the yacht school, of course, all beginners. Now there is a flow of people who want to use yachting as another format of sea holidays with friends.

- Let's learn more about formats. Who should go to the Sailing Week, and who should go to the Pirate Festival.

"We have to go here and there, because they are completely different things. Sailing Week is a race and a real sport, no matter who speaks. If anyone wants to doubt-come to us for Sailing Week and see how to the last people fight. It's racing, it's adrenaline, it's fighting to the last second. And in this sense, it is not quite a holiday, after such a regatta you need to go to the festival to rest. Actually so many also do, the Festival is another, it is absolute rest. It's when people swim, sunbathe, sing songs, fish, eat lobster and tuna. We travel and see interesting places no more. To sum up-who wants extreme, please on regatta. To whom to have a rest-please on festival.

- Moscow region or Turkey. You can start learning here and there. Tell us about the pros and cons of each option.

- Moscow region is ideal for sailing. But in the suburbs you need to add two things: the sea and heat. Neither one nor the other in the suburbs there. Sea yachting is very different from the Moscow Region. Water and wind in the sea and in the suburbs are completely different. The Moscow region is well suited to race on small sports boats, where you will spend two hours. In 2 hours you do it will kill them to death and more will not be published. The sea, Turkey or any other sea, this is a completely different format. It's another weight, another inertia, another wind, another wave. It's different. And to think that having trained on a yacht in the suburbs you can learn to drive a yacht in the sea is a big misconception. There is such a popular phrase: "sailors from the Moscow river." In fact, it is. In order to understand how the sea differs from the river, you need to get to the sea once. This is absolutely two different types of recreation. Coming to Turkey on a yacht You have the opportunity to swim, sunbathe, swim, walk on the sea with a big wind and a big wave and get high from it. Coming to Moscow on a yacht you have the opportunity, unfortunately, only 4 months a year to walk on the river with fresh water, in rather strange weather conditions. As you know now in Moscow recently 13-15 degrees in July happens periodically. With weather all as would not very well. From the point of view of training of management of the yacht, small boats of Moscow region are absolutely not similar to boats on which go on the sea. To understand the physics of the movement of the yacht in the suburbs is much easier, but then to realize all this at sea is quite difficult. I started my journey in yachts from the sea. Then me skidded already and in Moscow region, too,.

- Your Turkish studies in Marmaris what does it look like, how much does it cost and what does the student get at the exit?

"It looks like this. We have 14 hours of video lectures on the theory of sailing, it costs 5000 rubles. after Watching these lectures, people come to practice here. We sit down and 10 days with them go on a yacht. All day long we practice, moor, and so on. And in the evening we get up in the bays, where we sort out puzzles, they write all sorts of tests. These days I see how people are progressing and understand whether they can drive a boat or not. I can say that not all, to my regret, get the right to exit. For me it is on the one hand sad, I may have given and have not found the contact with pupils. And on the other hand, I do not trade rights, although I could. But life and reputation are more precious to me. I say to them, " Please come again."You can go somewhere else. But, as a rule, people who come and do not pass on the rights, these are people who have problems with the head. If people can't distinguish between left and right which he can give? We go 10 days, we moor 10 days, every day there is a new captain on the yacht. They pass all necessary: and sails we will make, and we will moor, and navigation, and meteorology, and weather forecasts. In these 10 days, they go through everything from start to finish. Those who do not pass on the rights, very often agree-Yes, and I should have more. Because the person who gets the rights, then takes responsibility for the lives of other people.

This course costs 800 Euro plus the cost of food, flights and so on. And 250 euros are documents. At all schools approximately equally 1050 Euro there are these rights. At the exit you get the rights that allow you to operate a yacht up to 24 meters long in the daytime at a distance of 25 miles from the shore in many countries around the world. This year the Greeks have spoken out about it, but I think by next year they will be back.

- Now let's talk about our exhibition Moscow Dive Show. Your company not only has a stand there, but you are also a bright speaker on the stage "under sail" in the WaterSportSalon sector. What are the emotions and impressions at the end of the exhibition 2019? What does the public want?

- I am pleased to perform at the MoscowDiveShow. While a powerful flow of divers in yachting is not observed, but the water sharpens the stone. In any case, it is much cooler than "Boats and yachts" in Cyprus. We are definitely with DiveShow and definitely out of Crocus. My partners sometimes ask the question, why do we even participate in diveshow And I answer them, because it's cool and I like it there. It is worth a lot of feasible money and why not use the exhibition to meet with friends and people in General. When I perform on stage, people gather and it's great for me. DiveShow is not only boring stands, but also a lot of cultural light and agitation from the stage and in conference rooms.