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Yacht charter

Yachting is back in fashion. More and more travelers go to the water-someone on the city reservoir, someone on the sea. But many still think that this activity is for the rich, although in yachting, as in any trip, the budget of the trip can be different. You can rent a small boat with friends for the cost of a trip to Sochi and go to the Greek Islands. Or you can take a large catamaran and go on a reconnaissance to distant Islands in Thailand or French Polynesia. Ideally have a yacht right and have the right to operate the vessel, but if the experience of sea voyages yet or no confidence in their abilities, hire an experienced skipper.

Rental prices in different countries differ, but not much. The average math of a weekly yacht rental is as follows:
- Sailing yacht - for 6-8 people 3-4 thousand euros, for 8-10 people from 5 to 10 thousand euros; 
- Motor yachts - 20-40 thousand euros; 

- Superclass yachts - 40-500 thousand euros. 

The services of a professional skipper will cost about 1000 euros. He will not only manage the yacht, but also help with the development of the ideal route and the selection of the best marinas. 

Another fuel fee is about 200 euros per week, and for motor 50-100 euros per hour. Payment for Parking in marinas - from 30 to 100 euros per day. A security Deposit will also be required if you return the ship in good condition and get it back.Food and drinks – in the supermarket before the start. 

So, we consider the option of a week vacation on a yacht in Greece for 3 families (6 people) with a hired skipper. 

3500 (rent) + 200 (fuel) + 300 (marinas) + 1000 (skipper) = 5000 euros 

Divide by 6 people, a total of 830 euros per person. The price of a stay in a regular hotel.


Both Russian Charter brokers and representatives of European companies will be represented at watersportsalon. Choose a destination and a yacht in February, make a Deposit and get ready for an exciting summer vacation.