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In short, the regatta is a series of races on sailing yachts. Each ship has its own crew and one task: to pass the route before the rivals. All actions of the team manages the skipper, he's the captain. Regatta can be Amateur or professional. The difference in distance and training: experienced yachtsmen can go sailing for weeks and begin to prepare themselves and the team, the ship and equipment long before the race. There are also one-day races. But the meaning is always the same – to demonstrate high skills in the management of the sails.

The word regatta has recently become increasingly called collective sea travel, when the organizer leads a fleet of several yachts on an interesting route. During the day, races are arranged on separate segments of the route, but the main goal is just to relax in the company of like-minded people. Every day yachts are moored in different marinas, providing a rich excursion program on land. Regattas are held in different regions. The most popular destinations are Greece, Turkey and Croatia, for the exotic and southern flavor, you can go to the Caribbean Islands or French Polynesia, and fans of the harsh Northern beauty can try to hike along Iceland or Scotland.

The theme of regattas has recently become a popular option for corporate parties and all sorts of team building. You can go with the whole company to Klyazma or Pirogovka and try yourself in the role of yachtsmen under the control of experienced mentors. 

Not only the work of many exhibitors is devoted to the theme of regattas at watersportsalon, but also the cultural program of the spectator zone "Under sail" is replete with film screenings and reports of the organizers of the most popular Russian regattas around the world. A unique opportunity to choose a regatta to your taste – with maximum adrenaline and speed or relaxed travel to the accompaniment of lobster and rum.