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Citizen with paddle

In recent years the popularity of SUP surfing is growing at a rapid pace:

1. For fans of lying on the grass and on the beach finally came up with the easiest way to move on the water, without any extreme stress and physical and emotional. Where smooth gliding is akin to meditation on rivers and seas.
2. Fans to drive on speed on distillation-found a simple shell available to everyone for races.
3. Fans of fitness and a healthy lifestyle now can breathe fresh air and to pump the muscles in any area. From the brook to the sea!
4. Yogis have purchased a Mat in the form of an "air mattress" and train asanas already on the water.
5. Travelers now go down the riverbeds or go Hiking on the water Aki on dry land.
6. Collective SAP parties, SAP walks.
7. Festivals, carnivals and other, other…

- Is the peak of popularity of SUP already behind or the theme continues to develop rapidly?

— I'm glad this is just the beginning!" The simplicity training and use and the price issue (from 20 100,000 RUB) - here is 3 whale on which is worth, camping on E. lies, camping on E. rakes SAP surfing!

- Let's talk about the basics of choosing boards. What are they in General and how are they different?

- The boards of each self-respecting brand are divided according to their purpose and the weight of the rider.
The choice is extremely simple:
- surfboards-short and small,
- universal boards-average geometry,
- touring Board – a long Board for traveling,
- sports boards (racing) - narrow and long boards.
- children's boards
- Windsurfing boards and stand-up paddle classes( you can set sail)
Here everyone can find their size.The Board usually shows the load capacity.
And of course-design! Here you need to choose with your heart. It's like your clothes. With the Board you should be number 1 on the beach.

- China is our everything, hundreds of brands offer their inflatable Outfits. What do you sell and why? And what should you pay special attention to when buying?

— Yeah. All the brands I've tested and seen are made in or near China.
I trade all brands that are on the market in Russia-Gladiator, D7 boards, Bic Sport, Hiken Water, StormLine, Jobe, Aqua Marina etc.d.
Market leaders and mega brands Starboard, JPAustralia, Unifiber, BicSport, Jobe-companies that can allocate large budgets for development and advertising. Respectively-more expensive.
In the back of their heads breathe Gladiator, D7 boards, StormLine, AquaMarina - more budget, but nevertheless quality.
HikenWater, EasyRider-new high-quality budget boards released on the market this year and therefore-cheaper.
Factories in China can be high-tech production, and can-a workshop on the knee. There are replicas and copies of famous brands. It's not always the same. Only design and shape. And the filling is quite different.
Retail chains are starting to sell SAP boards-while it is still the cheapest single-layer boards with a bad design for quite decent money.
Each brand tries to fill all price niches. This is especially true for those manufacturers that are focused on the Russian market.
Conditionally can be divided by price:
- boards up to 25 000 (usually single-layer and easy to complete)
- boards up to 35-40 000 (2-layer boards or single-layer of expensive PVC in a good configuration)
- boards more than 40 000 are brands in a set without oars (are bought separately).
The most popular in the range 25 000 – 35 000.

- About balance and stability. Am I right in thinking that the bigger and wider the steadier?

"Yes, it is.

— What are the smallest and largest in size there are Robots?

— The smallest-children's thin boards 8’0 (less than 3 m.), then there are surfboards and waves 9’6. The biggest 14 ' 0 racing – the longer and narrower the Board – the faster it goes. But! To make an inflatable rigid Board at this length is very difficult. Therefore, make stiffeners:
- Stingers on the sides (PedPaddle)
- stinger in the form of a tension cable in the middle (Starboard)
- Stingers on the middle or sides (Gladiator, D7 boards, etc.)
- 2 cameras (Aqua Marina, Starboard, etc)
- 2 layers PVC (all brands)
There are 22’0 boards for team races, team building, etc.

Here is a useful link on how to choose boards

— If you take a SUP on vacation, what "traveler" models are already on the market?

— Every brand has light models. You need to understand - the lighter the Board and the more bells and whistles on it-the more expensive it is. If you want it to be technological – pay money for it. But there are single-layer lightweight boards in the budget segment. Still, everything depends on the brand. And from the factory where the boards are made. The fact that they are made in China means nothing. IPhones and stuff-also made in China.


The Board is super light for long distance travel. Good speed and comfort for the rider-that's what the task was for the developers of this Board. And they did! You will be able to travel long distances with minimal effort. Just load it with all the necessary things and go. 

The SUP board D7 12.6 Discover comes with a wheeled backpack, a super lightweight collapsible carbon fiber telescopic paddle, a set of us Box fins, a Parking mount and a safety harness.
UNIVERSAL/ FAST /STEADY/LOAD-LIFTING. The most it for long hikes! 
You can take the second on Board!
FULL SET (Board, 3 fins, paddle, folding height adjustable, BACKPACK, branded backpack, high pressure pump, repair kit, ropes for personal belongings) 

— Not only do you sell boards, you teach. What does it look like and how much does it cost? People are coming to learn anything at all?

"People are all very different. There are people who want to learn on their own what the coach will be able to teach in 1 hour and it's easy and simple. But they want to suffer on their own.And they may not succeed in a day – I'm talking about those who come to us and try to master Windsurfing on their own.
The course lasts a maximum of 1 hour. If the rental costs 800 rubles/hour.
That 1500 is the 1st hour with training
A citizen with a paddle and a Board can swim anywhere and anywhere. But! it's boring to do it alone. It is better to do with us - we will show everything, tell and pick up. We can try boards of different brands and sizes.
If you live 50 meters from the water - you better hard Board. If you want to fly with a Board on a plane – you need an inflatable.
When buying any thing-a skateboard or a car-it is best to make a test drive.

- What to do and what not to do on SUP. For example, do not spin – you will fall, shift the center of gravity below, etc.

1. Safety: we wear life jackets, but there is or should be a fishing line-a safety cord connecting the Board and the rider. Without it-the Board is immediately blown away by the wind.

2. Safety: if the sea wind dump-no paddle will not help you!
3. Safety: when I was in Vietnam, a citizen with a paddle fell off the Board. He had a fishing line on his leg, but he passed out. Not known from what. Dehydration, overheating? He had no life jacket. He was lucky it happened in front of a substation where people understood what was going on and what needed to be done.
4.Safety: going camping, at sea and so on. – always inform your friends about it, take water with you, dress for the weather and remember that it can get worse.
That's all that matters.
Take care of your boards, do not overheat them in the sun, do not drag the drag on the stones, do not knock the oars on them, do not push the oar from the shore.
Be positive and cheerful and everything will be fine!

— What are your favorite rafting routes in the Moscow region and in Russia in General?

— It is difficult for me to talk about it, because I spend the whole season on Istra, on the reservoir.
When the wind blows, I sail. When calm and "flat" (water as glass) - I turn to SUP. In the suburbs-a lot of rivers on which you can raft. There are such and have us on Istra. In the winter – a far country.

— What is heard about SUP festival in St. Petersburg, where people are rafted EN masse through the channels? And what other fun topics around the country?

- The annual festival takes place in St. Petersburg. Mass event-very cool!
It is a pity that this cannot be done in Moscow. And it would be very cool on the Moscow river opposite the Kremlin. In July takes place all over the country event : Day of stand-up paddle classes.
Everyone does something. In Vladivostok, for example, in the spring, sapsurfers drove on an ice floe, made a mass swim in the Guinness book of records, etc.

- On MoscowDiveShow, that people more often asks? Half-price boards, courses, just tips?

- People go to exhibitions to have fun. Questions the most different and advice, too,. Those who understand that it is better to order a skateboard in winter at a discount-make orders. 

— What is the cheapest SUP you could buy at the exhibition this year and what was the coolest model? It makes sense to bring to the exhibition the money and just buy? Or is it easier then to order from you with the same discount?

— The cheapest SAP could be bought at the exhibition for 20 000.
The coolest (hard racing carbon Board)could be ordered for 120,000 from the warehouse. But who will buy for such money? J
It was possible to make an order at the exhibition and get to the summer with a discount of up to 20% by making an advance payment of 5-10%
The practice of pre-orders is a common practice of customer engagement. At the exhibition on the last day you can buy the exhibited models at a discount. This is also not bad – since they are new, inflated and tested at the exhibition. In the summer of boards can not be on time in a free warehouse (this often happens L). In the summer, manufacturers make sure that there is no dumping of sellers – and there are no discounts.

Come to Moscow Dive Show 2020, 6-9 February in Sokolniki!
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