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Small fleet

It's nice to have your own huge megayacht or a big superyacht or just a beautiful yacht. Nice, but troublesome and costly. The most popular among yachtsmen saying on this topic " Everyone who does not have his yacht dreams to buy it. Everyone who owns a yacht wants to sell it." Maintenance, winter Parking in marinas, taxes and so on and so forth. Owning your own yacht is the lot of a very small number of citizens who have the appropriate amount of money and time. And because most choose to rent yachts from Charter companies, it is easier and cheaper.

Small fleet-surfs and Cruises, kayaks and kayaks, catamarans, boats and rafts and other small bystrosbornoe can also be rented on the shores of lakes-seas. But if you do it often and be absolutely independent traveler, you still need to buy for personal use. The small fleet is so good that it can be blown away-folded and Packed in the Luggage or hitched to the trunk of a car. Small fleet, in addition, enough small water-you can easily go rafting on the smallest river near the cottage. And if you are lucky and the cottage is located on the shore, at the exhibition you can choose an interesting option of floating piers and pontoons. 

The February time, when WaterSportSalon takes place, is ideal for calm selection of the necessary watercraft in the run-up to the summer season. Sellers are ready for price cuts and special promotions. You can pre-order or buy an exhibition sample directly at the stand.