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Schools and courses

To operate a yacht independently, whether sailing or motor, you will have to get a license. It's like a car: you pass theory, practice and pass exams. And just learn the rules of driving, turns, Parking (mooring). But in addition to the rules of divergence of ships, navigation equipment and navigation signs it is necessary to know the natural aspects-weather, wind, waves. And it's also important to get a radio operator's license. In some schools in the curriculum there are still racing courses, survival on the water.


To master the surf and kite you need water and wind – you can go to the reservoirs near Moscow or directly to the sea courses. Black sea, Baltic or Bali-the choice depends on the budget and mood. It is quite easy to ride SUP-the very Board on which you can swim slowly standing or sitting. A couple of hours of training in open water and you can continue on your own.

Humanity every year comes up with more and more progressive forms of education-interactive courses, webinars and other on-line pleasures, but in any applied business from pottery to yacht management, there is no escape from the "teacher-student" link. Robots still can not do everything (and it pleases), the learning process depends not only on the professional skills of the teacher, but also on his ability to systematically transmit them to the student. The best yacht and surf kite schools will gather at Watersportsalon. Facebook helps us to understand the picture of the world as a whole, and for the first acquaintance and personal contact, an old-fashioned conversation with a future teacher over a Cup of coffee at the exhibition is ideal.