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Surf, kite, SUP

A long time ago (someone says about 4000 years) the natives on distant Islands came up with the idea of sliding on the waves on pieces of wood. Europeans picked up and strengthened this idea and from the 60s of the last century begins the modern history of surfing. People quickly got bored with the monotony and there were more and more variations-they attached a sail and made a Windsurfing, then attached a kite to the Board and here's kitesurfing. And the latest squeak of fashion-no masts and kites, just a Board and paddle and leisurely way-it SUP surfing. StandUpPaddle or abbreviated SUP in Russian " Standing with a paddle."

The wealth of types of modern surfing is great because everyone can find a topic on the forces and abilities. If you are not ready to storm the multi-meter Hawaiian waves on a high-speed Board, go to the family rafting on SUP on the Moscow river or take a couple of kite lessons. By the way, there are options and Snowkiting - this is when on the Board with a snake in the snow, fun and gambling.

In the WaterSportSalon sector at the Moscow Dive Show, you can not only buy the right equipment at very special prices, but also enrich yourself with information. On the site "under sail" every day interesting reports and master classes from the guru of surfing. Also, the exhibition is ideal for choosing schools and courses, both within Russia and abroad. The actual poster of performances will appear at the end of December, follow the news.