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In recent years, the tourism industry is increasingly penetrating into individual segments, offering not a mass product, but on the contrary absolutely unique for every passionate person. You can go on a mushroom tour in France or fishing in the Indian ocean or in search of rare minerals in the Alps or ... hundreds of Options and sea travel in this list occupy, perhaps, the top line. Because they allow you to realize everything on the route at once-and the joy of the process of moving on the water on a small yacht or a huge sailboat and fishing on the road and evening promenade in evening dresses in seaside towns.

Increasingly, the organizers add elements of the underwater program-diving, freediving and spearfishing. Diving under water is also a gastronomic benefit for the crew-fresh fish and seafood have not harmed anyone. About the gastronomic aspect, by the way, it is worth saying separately – it has become a separate phenomenon in sea travel. To Italy for wine and cheese, to Scotland for whisky, to the Caribbean for rum and lobster. As experienced travelers correctly note-people go to far distances for impressions and tasty food.

In addition to the classic routes, WaterSportSalon offers the most amazing ideas for sea expeditions. There are ice-class yachts capable of conquering the waters of the Arctic and Antarctica. On catamarans you can go to the remote Indonesian Islands, where civilization has not yet reached. Often for those who need to obtain the approval of the leader of the local tribe. Yachting trips in the far East and Baikal will be of great interest in our waters.

Apart are hikes on these huge sailboats Sedov and Kruzenshtern. Previously, they could only get cabin boys naval schools and scientists. Now there is an absolutely official opportunity to enroll on Board as a commercial tourist, realizing his childhood dream of traveling by ship across the seas and oceans. Such programs at WaterSportSalon are presented by Mikhail Kozhukhov's Travel Club.